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Use multiple genes

Use list of genes Use mean expression of selected genes
Use ratio of two genes Filter by median expression
more genes param


Example input for multiple genes:
1007_s_at 1
200000_s_at -1
31637_s_at 0.5
40016_g_at -2

first: normal,
second: gene is inverted,
third: gene has weight,
fourth: gene has weight and is inverted

You can also use following format:
1007_s_at, 1
200000_s_at, -1
31637_s_at, 0.5
40016_g_at, -2

Split patients by
Auto select best cutoff INFO
Trichotomization :  INFO

Probe set options

user selected probe set
all probe sets per gene INFO
only JetSet best probe set INFO
Plot beeswarm graph of probe distribution: INFO

Restrict analysis to subtypes...

TP53 mutation:
Average CA125 below lower quartile: INFO

Restrict analysis to treatment groups...


Use following dataset(s) for the analysis:

(GSE14764: )

Array quality control: INFO

Please note: the generated p value does not include correction for multiple hypothesis testing by default.

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